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Gayle Dushoff (Victoria)

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06/23/13 03:18 PM #3    

Laura LeWinn (Lehrich)

I, too, remember Gayle, and her birthday parties at the Latin Casino.  I remember her sweet 16 when we saw Tommy Sands there.  Gayle was funny and did not take herself too seriously.  

06/24/13 06:39 AM #4    

Vicki Hessan (Fox)

I remeber Gayle well...and her famous parties. I had always felt honored to be one of the girls who got to go. We always had a good time and I felt so grown up...and included! I am sad that she has passed away - she was a legend to me back in the day.

06/24/13 09:18 AM #5    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

I agree with all of the comments about Gayle. She seemed so much older than I felt, and she always seemed "put together".  I hadn't thought about the Latin Casino until now--what fun and how grown up we felt.  Harriet Frankel Withstandley

06/24/13 02:01 PM #6    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

I wasn't real close to Gayle but I remember her fondly. And I so remember the Latin Casino. I am so sorry to hear of her death. We have lost too many good classmates.

I hope all of us stay in good health and are happy.

06/25/13 10:14 AM #7    

Marilyn Ford (Evans)

   I also remember the partys Gayle had at her  parents Night Club.

  The last one I was lucky to attend at the Latin Casino had the 

  Spiners as the headliner and they performed "The Rubber Band

  Man" with these large Rubber Bands. Great memories.  I am

  sad to here of Gayle's  pasing way to soon.

06/26/13 06:55 PM #8    

Carolyn Ford (Swain)

So sorry to here of Gayle passing. 

Every other day as I check my e-mail there is another sad message of another classmate gone.

 I remember Gayles sweet sixteen part at her fathers club, I know I felt grownup. 

Gayle was a nice friend to me and my sister in and outside of school. I  remember the good times

 we all had at the school dances, I still love to dance.

I do look forward to seeing everyone in October.

06/28/13 01:59 PM #9    

Laura Spilker (Rosenthal)

Gayle was one of the people who inspired me during school. She was unafraid of not fitting in and didn't mind being unique.  She looked sophisticated and funky and fun.  She was not embarrassed by drawing attention to herself. I wish I had pursued her friendship.  It  took  me a long time to be as brave about  being different. 

I would love to know her post high school story.  Laura Spilker Rosenthal

01/11/14 10:56 PM #10    

Terri Saltzman (Cannon)

Gayle was one of my best friends. She was very ill and died a sad death.  Gayle raise a wonderful handsome son Laine Kline. Laine lives in California. We stayed in contact, when I travelled to LA we would see each other.   

Gayle is missed and for many years on Mothers Day, my husband and I did the Philadelphia breast cancer walk   To  remember Gayle.  

As for Sammy Davis , David Dushoff, Gayle's father, paid for Sammy's eye surgery.



01/12/14 10:41 AM #11    

Lewis Bolno (Bolno)

my father dated gayles mother before he met and married my mother [frances], so we always had no problem getting a table up front, i remember seeing, pearl bailey, steve and ettie, martha raye, etc..and i went on 3 dates with gayle, but we decided friends would be best...she had a great sense of humor, she was also on of the first girls in our class to get a nose

01/12/14 10:43 AM #12    

Lewis Bolno (Bolno)

does anyone remember or knows what happened to fred rosenberg and david katz, both names are not in the yearbook...and who is coming to kutners reunion in florida?

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