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02/10/21 11:14 AM #1718    

Susan Abrams (Pelleg)

Carol,  We love Scarlett and the Duke!  We will take a look at Wynonna Earp.  Your son is producing great shows! Congrats.

02/10/21 12:21 PM #1719    

George Trapp

Jan loves Miss Scarlett. Good to be proud of family accomplishments.--- Will be passing info regarding second shot to her and other friends who are headed for shot #2.-----  Differing body chemistry differing results. ---- Some are better at following directions too. Personally am not a good follower. Like to push the envelope. Having yet another garden variety skin cancer removed from left temple near eye in April. Requires a different surgery. Not supposed to drive or do activity for a day or two. Probably will do both , depending on degree of swelling. If it's too bad I ' ll pass on driving.

02/10/21 01:34 PM #1720    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

My husband had his first Moderna shot this morning. Hopefully all be ok. 
A friend of ours had her second shot. She has all the adverse symptoms. 100.8 fever, aches, headache, nausea and a sore arm. Her husband had similar, but way less intense. She doesn't ever remember ever feeling this badly. I have read that the protocol is take the Tylenol or Ibuprofen, check with your Dr. first. This is on the CDC website. 
My second is next Friday. 
After that, I will wait a month and get my 2nd Shringrix Shot. That too should be a doozy. I think I am more afraid of getting shingles than covid. 
So all of you who haven't  had the SHINGRIX vaccine, contact your Dr regarding if you should get it.

Stay healthy my CHS companions.  We are all in this together.



02/11/21 12:15 PM #1721    

Carol Kutner (Winig)

Thx to all about Miss Scarlett.  Sent them onto my son 

02/18/21 09:39 AM #1722    

Henry Bean

For something I'm writing about my mother's life:  Does any of you remember a professional caterer who worked in Cheltenham Township around the time we were in high school and, no doubt, before and after?  Her last name, as I recall, was Singleton.  She was a Black woman in her 40s or 50s, possessed considerable authority, drove a Cadillac, perhaps a blue Eldorado, and catered at least a a couple of large dinner parties for my parents and, I would guess, for some of yours.  Anything you can remember about her, however vague, would be very helpful.    Thanks.

02/19/21 08:32 AM #1723    

Deborah Merrick (Wilson)

Had my second Pfizer shot on Wednesday andno. symptoms other than a typically sore arm for 24 hours.  Everyone I know whohas had moderna has had flu like symptoms for 36-48 hours.  I must be one ofthe lucky ones.  Now if we could only find vaccine for my husband.


02/19/21 08:33 AM #1724    

Deborah Merrick (Wilson)

Then I should learn how to type.

02/19/21 12:11 PM #1725    


Barton Solow

My family catered with Davis...don't know if there was a connection....

I have had both side effects..

02/19/21 03:32 PM #1726    

Carole Grossman (Chasen)

my parents never catered so no knowledge of this woman.

02/19/21 04:15 PM #1727    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

In about an hour and 15 minutes, I will be receiving my 2nd Moderna shot at Publix.

Just finished making Matzah Ball soup with chicken, carrots, celery and garlic. Lot of fresh ground pepper. Just in case I won't feel like cooking, my husband John Will have something good to eat for the next two days. It will make me feel better too.

I understand those who have had the 2nd Pfizer had nary any after effects. Moderna, most have, some not, but few.  Hope I will be one of the few. 
John finally got an appt and had his first last week at a different Publix. He didn't even feel it.  No sore arm either. Asked him, if there was any vaccine in the syringešŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚.

Will try to report back after a couple of days.



02/19/21 04:53 PM #1728    

Jerry Chonin

After registering with everyone possible in Bucks County we finally got the call and got our first Maderna last Tuesday. Minimum side affects. 4 weeks to second shot. It has been difficult for us to get around with all the snow and the fact that I am usually confined to a wheelchair. It has been challenging to say the least. I don't know if it's the cancer or the chemo. The oncologist stopped the chemo because it was doing more harm than good. I tell everyone the same thing. Don't feel sorry for me. My entire life has been charmed. I am at peace with whatever happens. I hope you all stay safe and well. 

02/19/21 05:43 PM #1729    

Barbara Barasch (Rosin)

In response to Henry's question, no caterer comes to mind. However I did meet your mother, Henry , and your father over the years . Your mother was a lovely woman. It seemed she remained quite active in her later years. I would also  like to mention that I disagree  there should be a moratorium on commenting on how we find the world today. I have the fondest memories of teachers at EP Jr. High and then at CHS who encouraged us to have an open mind and to hear opinions of an opposing point of view. Yes, it's great to hear from people about their vaccine reactions , where they live , etc. but I would also like to hear what classmates are thinking [ in moderation ] if anyone wants to comment on the world situation.....


02/20/21 01:05 AM #1730    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Amy, I know3 we are in a pandemick but when this is over or safe enough 

do you think you will set up a mini reuion at the Terminal. I for one whould 

like to get back to somewhat normal again. When traveling home I enjoyed

seing class mates again. We have been blessed to live 3/4 of a Century

02/20/21 08:31 AM #1731    


Janet Hoffman

I am not an anti-VAXer, but it took me a while to agree with my doctors about the shingles vaccine, until a friend had such a bad case that it caused permanent nerve damage, so I went for the shots.  Other than a sore arm both times it was pretty much a walk in the park. And I got all the other shots my doctor recommended (pneumonia, flu, tetanus-diphtheria-whooping cough) with no side effects for any of them.  I am still having trouble getting an appointment for the Covid shots here in New York City.  Maybe the powers that be want me to wait!?   I am on a couple of lists and keep checking websites so I am sure I will get it at some point, and frankly I think there will be plenty of supply now that more effort is going into distribution and once the weather calms down.  Since I have been living like a hermit I am not concerned about the delay.

02/20/21 12:25 PM #1732    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Good afternoon classmates. Received my second shot of Moderna last late afternoon. Got home, we had our happy hour, then our matzah ball soup. Really good. We were going to watch a series we have been following on Acorn(19-2) but I was getting tired. Went to bed and slept until 3:00 AM. Watched a bit of the ladies finals at the AO. By 5 I fell back toi sleep. Woke up at 8:15, checked my arm. A bit sore, where the injection went in. That is it. Got up and felt terrific. I consider my self lucky. 

Hope all of you who haven't received their shot/shots, I hope you will get them soon. I now have to wait a month or so to get my second Shingrix shot. That is one disease I do not want.  I have till June 23rd.

Jerry C. Keep the faith. You will get your vaccine.















02/21/21 05:14 PM #1733    


Carolyn Ford (Swain)

Hello Classmate Family,                                                                                              2020  was brutal for all of us but now that 2021 has ushered in we can see some light. I have had both of my Moderna Vaccine shoots, my doctor contacted me new years eve. and set up appointment for me as I have Parkinson and put me close to the front of the line. The first had ever muscle in my body hurting for two days but the second no pain at all. I have lost a number of close friends this past year due to illness and was unable to say goodby. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this year and the years to come. Kindness, Friendship, and Love will hold us together.  Everyone take care of yourselfs and hold your family and friends close.  

02/22/21 11:42 AM #1734    


Amy Shelanski

Hi everyone,

I had my first Moderna shot two weeks ago; 2 weeks to go to my second one. my arm hurt; I was very tired and nothing more. Can't wait to get back to work, back to the world, etc. Still working and just changed real estate brokerages. Now at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox and Roach at the Harper - Ritltenhouse Square. A name too long, but a great place. If you need me, I'm here.

Hoping we can have a 60th reunion in two years, unmasked, able to hug. Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2021.


03/04/21 08:40 PM #1735    

Helen Batt (Feinberg)

Greetings from Albuquerque! I'm happy and grateful to say I've had two Pfizer shots. If any of you are still hesitant about getting vaccinated, please reconsider. Our classmate and my former sister-in-law, Debbie Hirsch Batt Argitis "celebrated" her 75th last month in Abington Hospital. She was there for 6 weeks fighting Covid and was finally discharged to a rehab today. We're all very grateful that she survived this, and trust me, it was touch and go for quite a while. Please all stay well and get the shots.. any reaction to the vaccine is nothing compared to the virus!

03/05/21 02:35 PM #1736    

Barbara Brownstein (Schonberger)

Hi Everyone - I really appreciate all the comments about the vaccine.  My husband and I are still on the fence about getting it, we had covid in November and we were both very sick. We never had to go to the hospital but it took us 3 weeks to a month to feel human again  Since we had it we kind of know what the side effects could be so we are hesitent to get it. Please keep posting all the comments they do help. 


03/05/21 05:12 PM #1737    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Hi Barbara,

So sorry you had to endure the Covid. But of course happy you are over it. 
All I can say is, for us the vaccine gives us confidence that we can beat this vile disease. 
Unless you have a condition that warrants not getting it, I would get it done. If you get side effects, they will be over in a day or day in a half. Small price to pay. 
you don't want to one day, if only......

Sunny Ingber Drohan

03/06/21 01:03 PM #1738    

Harriet (Nikki) Lang

Hi Barbara, my opinion is a bit different than the rest. As a physician, I have studied these vaccines inside out and upside down, and I'm afraid I am not going to make your decision making any easier. I personally will not take this vaccine under any circumstances. If you want to know why I will be happy to explain it to email address is

03/06/21 07:15 PM #1739    


Janet Hoffman

I have considered various points of view concerning the vaccine and, after studying information from various sources, and weighing the pros and cons,  I came out on the side of taking it.  I had my first shot last week.   

03/07/21 04:41 PM #1740    

George Trapp

Am happy to know that thus far all of us who had covid recovered. I was over it quickly in early January. Jan had nothing but a sore arm after round one. Round two produced a sore arm day 1, a fever and aches day 2, day 3 on she felt fine.

I consulted my cardiologist in late Feb. After some questioning he was a go and GP got me punched on Friday. Sore arm overnight. Round two April 5th.

Repeating an earlier statement. Jan and I refuse to hide out in fear. Especially not with most of our lives in the rear view mirror.

My real concern is for the young people K thru 12. Many have real difficulty learning online. Even worse is the emotional toll on some. Grandson had some anxiety issues prior to covid which are worse now. One of his better friends is currently institutionalized after a serious suicide attempt. Blessedly, there is a group of solid kids who have hung together from the start, always there for each other. His HS is hybrid with two days live, three days online. He has remarked that even live is far from what it was pre covid.

Teachers who will not return to a live classroom are real "woosies". Of course I knew that when I watched most of my colleagues bail from the Jr hi I taught in the day TMI melted. The school was less than 10 crow fly miles from the island. A few stayed until the last student was loaded out or picked up by a parent. Evidently few realized that if the radiation had already escaped containment we had already been badly exposed.

Understand the concern for families. A half million deaths attest to the seriousness of covid, but the numbers say that most will recover and that number is steadily improving.

We have a few friends who are positively paranoid. My biggest laugh was driving one evening in January in a widely spaced business area. There was no one about but the guy I saw out walking in the cold and 30 mph wind gusts . This was not some old sickly guy, rather a guy about 40. Anyone care to explain why he was wearing his mask ? Most of my money would be on fear of covid.

03/08/21 11:06 AM #1741    

Lynn Sill (Benson)

First time commenting. But could not resist. Wearing a mask in cold weather is a great idea. It keeps the wearer from breathing in the freezing cold air  it makes cold air breathing much more comfortable, especially when exercising.  Try it !

03/14/21 07:33 PM #1742    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

I'm so glad to hear about many of our classmates doing well and getting vaccinated.

If anyone is still in doubt, consider that vaccines have wiped out smallpox, polio, and measles (at least until some parents believed widely a debunked theory about measles vaccine).

More than a half million Americans have died from Covid and none of the fully-vacinated millions who have received full doses of the vaccine have died or been hospitalized. As a recent article in the Atlantic stated: 

"Virginia’s vaccine coordinator told The New York Times last weekend. 'A hundred percent efficacy against deaths and hospitalizations? That’s all I need to hear.'”

Me too. For the first time in more than a year I took the train to New York this week to visit my daughter (wearing mask, of course).

Wishing everyone good health!

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