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01/31/22 10:41 AM #1808    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Like George, I posted a condolence message to Tom about Susan's passing, but it has not appeared.  I am, similarly, saddened to hear of Lois' passing, although she and her husband have suffered so, I hope that she has now been relieved of her suffering.  

02/01/22 04:01 PM #1809    

Bonnie Verbit (Lundy)

My condolences to Tommy and the Israel family as well as to The Ehrlich and Scarfglass families.  A difficult time of life and all the more reason to gather together with old friends.

Please be sure you update your email and address to your profile so we can find everyone.  

02/01/22 05:30 PM #1810    

Michael Shore

Your own messages do not show up in your Email

02/01/22 06:11 PM #1811    


Carolyn Ford (Swain)


My condolence to Lois and her family. Blessing to you and just know that she is in Gods care.

02/02/22 12:13 PM #1812    


Amy Shelanski

So very sorry to hear about Lois. My condolences to her family.


02/04/22 11:46 PM #1813    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

So sorry to here about Lois Passing. She fought a good battle and is with God now 

and her Husband is in Gods hands now with his Loveing care..Blessing and Peace be

with the family.  Marilyn Ford Evans

02/06/22 08:28 AM #1814    

Tom Israel

Thanks to all who posted or contacted me directly with your kind words of support and sympathy. It is comforting to know that so many people care during times of sadness.

02/23/22 12:01 PM #1815    

Linda Pritchard (Crowley)

I am so sorry to let you know my friend of 64 years and fellow classmate, Judy Trois Hatten, passed away last December 15th. She fought the good fight but lost to ovarian cancer. I will miss her always.

Linda Pritchard Crowley

02/24/22 06:47 AM #1816    

Susan Pomerantz

I am so sad to hear of the loss of two wonderful women, Lois and Susan. My condolences to their families

02/24/22 01:03 PM #1817    

George Trapp

LINDA --- Sorry to hear about Judy's death. The passing of friends and classmates is unhappily becoming all too frequent. ---- It is the way of life and all of us are on that track, unsure of when we will get to our station. Three on this site in a pretty short period. Three others on my personal prayer list in the past seven days. ---- My guess is that I am not unique in an experience like this.---- An unlikely truth is that of these deaths it is Lois that I miss most. We were never close in school, had zero contact for 55 years., never saw each other after graduation day in 1963, but she had become my best female friend other than Jan and our girls. --- Disease and the clock are subject only to God.

02/25/22 02:24 PM #1818    

Tom Israel

Happy birthday Sue Pomerantz!

02/26/22 08:48 PM #1819    


Sheldon Mandel

Happy early birthday Dan Bronson

Shel and Linda



02/27/22 12:33 PM #1820    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Happy Belated Birthday Sue Pomerantz, and Happy Early Birthday, Sue Malis, Dan Bronson.    

02/28/22 07:00 AM #1821    


Janet Hoffman

Any word on possible reunion?  I have seen notices on Facebook about an all class reunion - but that's not the same, of course.  J


03/01/22 11:51 AM #1822    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Like Janet, I have seen the Facrbook postings, but I rarely respond on Facebook.  I would certainly be interested in a 60th reunion.  Harriet

03/01/22 04:46 PM #1823    

Carol Kutner (Winig)

We should for sure do a reunion


03/20/22 07:24 PM #1824    

Roy Hoffman

It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of our dear friend Mel Kosmin on Friday, May 18 after a long battle with cancer. We will miss Mel's wonderful personality and great sense of humor.
Rest in peace, Mel.

03/21/22 07:50 AM #1825    


Janet Hoffman

Thanks for letting us know, Roy.  I was very sad to hear this.   Too many....  Let's be sure to cherish each day and stay in touch.  Janet  

03/21/22 08:57 AM #1826    

Tom Israel

Preliminary planning for our 60th reunion in 2023 is underway. All are welcome to join the committee that will meet in early May to discuss all aspects of the event. Contact me directly for more specific information.

Classmates can participate by joining the committee or offer help in a more informal way to provide assistance to whatever extent they choose. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! 

03/21/22 11:42 AM #1827    

George Trapp

Roy --- Thanks for sharing this unhappy news. --- Mel was one of my best HS friends. Often ate lunch together. A fond memory was of lunch the day we dissected frogs in Mr Lance's bio class. I think there we 4 of us at our table with two frogs. We dissected one but only skinned the other, which I wrapped in a towel and took to lunch. When Mel , who generally brown bagged, went to get milk , his bag was passed to me. The guys unwrapped his sandwich and the frog was placed on top of it, sandwich re wrapped and bag back at his seat when he returned to the table. When he opened the wrapping on his sandwich, his hands flew up, he yelled and pushed himself back about 3 feet from the table. Several of the cafeteria monitors came quickly ,but the frog was back in safe hiding. Mel did not narc us out. ---- When last seen, the frog was riding a plate on the conveyor belt heading into the dish room. ---- Mel only lived about two blocks away on Parkview Rd. He was an all around good guy. I am sorry to hear of his passing

03/22/22 07:38 AM #1828    


Daniel Bronson

Mel was one of the nicest and most easygoing of all my friends, from elementary school and into the present. For those who knew him well back then, let us regret that the Ace has left the building.

03/22/22 07:38 AM #1829    


Daniel Bronson

Mel was one of the nicest and most easygoing of all my friends, from elementary school and into the present. For those who knew him well back then, let us regret that the Ace has left the building.

03/22/22 11:43 AM #1830    


Amy Shelanski

Roy, thanks for letting us know. Mel was such a sweet guy. Such sad news. My condolences to his family.

03/22/22 05:18 PM #1831    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Roy-  Thanks for letting us know.  My condolences to Mel's family.  Our class has sustained too many losses of late. Let's look forward to our 60th.     

03/23/22 12:19 PM #1832    

Joan Rosenau (Tannebaum)

I was so saddened to hear about Melvin Kosmin's passing. He lived a few houses from me during elementary, middle school and high school and we were part of a neighborhood pack. We were together all the time.  It seems like yesterday.

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