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09/22/23 02:10 PM #1869    


Lucy Gilbert (Rhoda)

Remembering Jay Ginsburg, Susan Israel  and many other classmates who have passed this coming Memorial Service of Yom Kippur. Rest in peace, my friends and fellow classmates.     Looking forward to reunion in October.



09/23/23 11:41 AM #1870    

Tom Israel

For those who were ever involved with the Cheltenham Center for the Arts or interested in its preservation:

September 22, 2023



Cheltenham Township Facilities Proposal – Comments Due Next Week, 9/30/23


Cheltenham Township has received a proposal from their consultants for a large-scale plan to revise township facilities/buildings. This proposal was presented at a public meeting in August


The public comment period for all who have concerns or questions ends September 30th


The new Cheltenham Township Facilities Proposal threatens to end the Center’s operation in its current location. Public comments on the proposal can be made to If you’re one of the many people who have benefitted from the Center’s location and programs over the past 70 years, please comment to let the township know what the Center means to you.


The Center has several valuable and irreplaceable spaces: the beautiful light-filled painting studio, galleries with tall ceilings and wide walls to accommodate the artworks, large printmaking and ceramics studios, and a 100-seat theatre to name a few. Generations of memories are housed in this space. Not a single week goes by without someone sharing a story with me.


Send your comments here:


Many may not know that the art center, formally known as the George K. Heller School, is indeed a township building. Built in 1883 with multiple additions in later years, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. The building served as the first public school in Cheltenham township and the “oldest school in the state of Pennsylvania in continuous use on the same site” In fact, prior to the current structure there was a one-room schoolhouse on the property for another 100 years prior. After the elementary school moved out in 1953, the art center moved in (having been established in 1940 at another location) and it’s been the Center ever since. That means generations of Cheltenham children and adults have grown up participating in classes and summer camp, attending an inspiring gallery opening/play/concert, meeting friends, and celebrating the opportunity to be together. Now, of course, an old building is hard to maintain and out of step with modern accessibility needs. But, instead of throwing away this unique and loved piece of township history, might it be more cost effective to upgrade and preserve what’s here and then dedicate some accessible arts space within a new, centrally located township structure? The arts are an important historic component, as well as a compelling feature of our community. 

If you would like to see a plan that is both respectful and forward thinking speak up now! 


The current proposal includes:

  1. Current building is divested or “raised” depending on if you’re reading the slide or listening to the speaker presenting the proposal.
  2. Arts program is relocated to a “to-be renovated” Rowland Community Center in what appears to be a smaller space. No specifics on comparable square footage or understanding of the multiuse needs of the Center were given.
  3. An idea to designate Rowland a “Center for Arts and Innovation”: The location of the Center is already a challenge in terms of reaching the whole community, but the historic building is where it is! Rowland is a loved neighborhood meeting place, but moving the Center to a smaller space on the very edge of the township neither honors the past nor improves the accessibility of the arts in Cheltenham.
  4. There is a confusing reference to “Arts” space in the presentation slide on the old Tyler School grounds. What is in that space and how/by whom will it be used? No specifics were given.


See the entire presentation on the township’s website:


Eliminating the Center would be a tremendous loss to the fabric and history of the Arts in Cheltenham Township. We encourage you to let Township officials know at before the September 30th deadline!


Thank you for your consideration. 



Margaret Griffen

Executive Director

10/15/23 12:06 PM #1871    

Mike Starrels

What a great job everyone on the organizing committee did.  Thank you. 

What fun it was to do some catching up and correcting one another's memories.

What a relief it is for me not to see my name on the 'In Memorium' list.  I was worried after not finding my name on the printed list we all received.  Class of '63, you can't get rid of me that easily.

Best to all.  Mike Starrels

10/16/23 11:49 AM #1872    

Gene Waldman

Great job to the committee for putting together a fantastic day! It was great seeing everyone. 

Gene Waldman

10/16/23 11:56 AM #1873    


Susan Wolf (Trichon)

What a wonderful reunion we had on Saturday. Classmates came from England, Florida, Wisconsin,St. Louis,Massachusetts, Maine, DC area, New York and of course in and around the Philadelphia area. Sunnybrook was a perfect venue and everyone seemed happy to reconnect. We took many photos and are hoping to share them thru a link but will let you know when Tommy figures it out.😊  Tommy did a great job in leading our committee where we first met in June 2022. It seemed so far away and now it's history! We had fun planning it. I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves.

10/16/23 12:07 PM #1874    


Amy Shelanski

That was a wonderful reunion. So many familiar faces with so many memories - true and false! I loved seeing every one of you and hope that we can stay in touch in the years we have to come.

If any of you need any real estate information, advice or are interested buying or selling -  I am still working! I'd be delighted to help you or your family - anywhere!

Wishing everyone health and happiness and peace!

10/16/23 12:58 PM #1875    


Robert Macfarland

Great job Tom and committee.  Well organized, good location and excellent opportunity to share memories.   

10/16/23 05:19 PM #1876    

Nancy Shapiro (Kohn)

Hi Tommy,thank you and the c0mmittee so much for organizing our 60th! It was such a fun time and brought back so many good memories.We are so lucky to have grown up when we did;they were truly our HAPPY DAYS. best wishes and good health to you all❣️

10/16/23 07:36 PM #1877    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

 Hello Class,

Thanks to the committee for organizing such a fantastic day for us all.

The weather was bad, but the class made up for it.

Flying here was worth the experience to take part in our 60th reunion.

I enjoyed seeing so many of you and socializing. We're getting older, but we're 

still Fine as wine. I wish the best to you all and look forward to seeing ALL of

you at our Next Renuion.       Marilyn Ford Evans( and yes I am still here)


10/17/23 11:47 AM #1878    

Tom Israel

You can now click on "60th reunion photos" and add your reunion photos to a gallery that all can enjoy.  

10/17/23 01:32 PM #1879    

Mark Glickman

Tom and comitte:

A lot of work and turned into a Wonderful memorable event with 

many CHS grads that all had nothing but wonderful things to say

and enjoyed seeing many people that were able to attend.

Hope everone stays Healthy and SAFE in the coming years ahead.


Mark Glickman 



10/18/23 01:52 PM #1880    

Lynne Lowe (Jacobus)

Thanks to the committee for all your hard work ---it was well worth your effort.  A glorious day in spite of the rain.  So much fun seeing everyone and remembering how lucky we were to grow up in the 60's, especially with what is going on in the world today.  Sue, post your pictures ---you seemed to be the unofficial class photographer.

10/18/23 05:57 PM #1881    

George Trapp

Had not checked this site for too long. Email has changed to so not seeing any posts.

very unhappy to catch up on classmates now deceased. Of course I still feel the loss of my sister in the Lord, Lois Scharfglass, the loss of Mel Kosmin, Jay Ginsburg  and several others. 
Now I see on the In Memory list a bunch more. Stan Brody lived at the opposite end of the block down the hill from our place.      Particularly saddening is the loss of John Boyd. At Chelt Elem every boy who played lunchtime softball wanted to be on the team that had John. He lived very close to the playground on Asbury Ave. I spent hours throwing horseshoes with him, playing softball. We were opponents in Little League. He hit many balls over the fence at Sonny McGuire field off Tookany Parkway. Later we were teammates at EPJH and at CHS. John nicknamed me "speed " in honor of my low average running. He was the catcher on the fine '63 baseball team  and always a really good hitter. Probably many of you remember that he and Wendy Stern were an item back then too.         Another loss is Paul Mitalas. I distinctly remember the day he showed up at the bus stop for the first time. He stood off by himself smoking, distinctly out of place. Those were the days of khaki pants, penny loafers and rolled up shirt sleeves. He was wearing what we considered as dress pants, a long sleeved dress shirt buttoned at the wrists and buttoned up tight to his neck. Completing the picture were black, lace tied, " rat stabber " shoes. We had no idea where he was born or came from that day. In those days before political correctness, and assuming him to be Italian, he was nicknamed accordingly. He took it all in good humor and was soon accepted as one of the guys in the neighborhood.     Like many of our mates, both he and John wound up in Vietnam.

As we near 80 the list will expand even more quickly, an unwelcome certainty. 
As always, I wish each of you every blessing.

10/18/23 06:00 PM #1882    

Dennis Cooper

Thank you Reunion Committee for such a wonderful afternoon reuniting with everyone.  Actually y'all looked damn good considering 60 years later.  Really enjoyed it so much. Those who missed should , please, come to the next one.  Remember: "When we're over-the-hill" we pick up speed". Also, let's wear out NOT rust out. This is my first post. I hopefully will continue to stay in touch. Thanks for the memories.


10/19/23 08:18 AM #1883    


Lucy Gilbert (Rhoda)

 Tommy and reunion committee....  Wonderful day, in spite of the lousy weather. There were plenty of sunshine at the reunion.  Thank you for making it happen.  Since I was unable to attend the 50th due to my husband's illness, I was able to do catchup with classmates at the 60th.  Everyone looks sooooo good.  Thanks again, I had a great time. 

10/21/23 10:42 AM #1884    

George Trapp


Wanted you to know how much I enjoyed viewing the reunion photos. Not being a reunion type, it's been years since I saw any classmate in person, exceptions being Jim Sloan last year and Leslie Brooks nearly 20 years ago. 
Kudos to Roy Hoffman, Dan Bronson and Larry Liss. Older for sure, but looking very like when I last saw you 60 years back. Recognized you without resorting to the cheat sheet name tags.

" over the hill and picking up speed "      Great comment. Ain't it the truth !

Wear out, not rust out  ---- Should be part of everyone's motto. One of my hero's of the faith was the late Corrie Ten Boom. In her mid eighties she was encouraged to stop accepting speaking engagements and to generally slow down. She had pretty severe heart disease and other maladies , no doubt brought on in part by mistreatment at the hands of the Nazis in the concentration camps. She refused the advice saying that she would move forward depending on God's strength until there was no more.


10/21/23 11:56 AM #1885    

Gay Orpen (McGeary)

Thank you Bob McFarland for the photo at the reunion. You all look happy and healthy.


10/22/23 12:58 PM #1886    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

It was so special to see so many of our classmeates. Thank you Tom and all for making our reunion splendid in every way.

10/22/23 01:17 PM #1887    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

EsteroHi All,

So sorry I wasn't able to celebrate our 60th reunion with all of you. Looks like it was a fabulous time. Thanks Tom for doing all the hard work. It surely paid off.

Seeing my family will always take precedence.

And thank you to everyone who posted photos. Looking at them was almost like being there....not even close!!  Can't believe how everyone looks so much like years ago. A nice thing to see. 
Sunny Ingber Drohan

Estero, FL.


10/22/23 01:18 PM #1888    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Typo error on my greeting. Sorry. 


10/22/23 03:39 PM #1889    

Elaine Carmosin (Radbill)

Thanks Lucy for adding your pictures and including me in the last 2 photos. Wishing everyone all the best. 

10/22/23 11:54 PM #1890    

George Trapp

Still catching up on two years I missed afterchanging my emai. Want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday(s) those years. In mind I still feel young...the mirror tells a different story,..the body a different ,even worse story. Am thankful every day for the gifts of life, family, friends and tennis. Many good medical people and  the God who loves me get the credit.

To Nancy Kohn---Amen to the message you sent to me

Thanks to everyone who has posted pictures of the 60th. Am slowly recognizing more of you with and without the name tags. Did Bob Walters, Gene Walkman ,Gus Friedman or Bob Reeh come to it ?


10/23/23 11:15 AM #1891    


Daniel Bronson

It was a splendid reunion, despite the occasional sounds of creaky bones. All credit to the committee, especially for having a facility with plenty of room indoors during another weekend's rain. I thank George and others who found me easy to recognize, but I attribute that to maintaining a certain essential goofiness over the years. I enjoyed seeing some people I have known since kindergarten as well as others I met while going to three different elementary schools without moving (why did they keep sending me further from home?), EP and CHS. I hope to see you all again in ten.

10/23/23 06:57 PM #1892    

Vicki Hessan (Fox)

Like many of you who attended, I loved every moment of this reunion. Somehow it was better than ever! It seemed like everyone was so happy to be there and everyone looked so GOOD!

I managed to overlook signing up with Tommy so I didn't get included in the names and mails list we received at the party, so I'm sending it on to you here and now with the hopes you will get in touch with me anyhow.

Vicki Hessan Fox: I live in Portland, Maine, a delightful and fun place to live year round, and I welcome visits anytime! Lots to see and eat!  Yea CHS '63!!!!!


10/24/23 04:11 PM #1893    

Barbara Brownstein (Schonberger)

It was wonderful to see everyone looking so good.  Lots of credit goes to the reunion committee the facility was great & so was the food.  Looking forward to the next one.

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