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Robert Pflaumer

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12/02/17 10:51 AM #1    

George Roesser

It's heartbreaking to write in an effort to salute a wonderful friend who quietly passed away, Bob Pflaumer. Bob was the energy souce for a group of Cheltenham kids who met every morning and trudged, even on bright sunny days, to our school a half mile away. It's fitting that our streets were named Poe, Longfellow and Evergreen, because our adolescence was like a poem...complete with joys, and now a major sorrow. 

I apologize to her because I didn't ask her permission (although I did try to find her), but it's hard to say the word Bob, without saying Peggy - another dear classmate, who I hope is healthy and happy. Those two, Jim Sloan, Kathy Culkin, Gail Patterson, Nancy Wasson, Bill Marble, and Dot Holden (the Holden awards namesake) and later, a young Mike Feite, took turns bouncing off one another on our morning journies, as well as meeting regularly after school and on Saturday nights (yes, for  "The Movie") at Kathy's house, bonding securely. While we didn't know it at that time, we were creating very special memories. 

Bob's contributions: A light blue Pontiak convertable with white seats, a make-shift basketball court where he utilized one of the worst over-used head fakes ever, outdriving the PGA pros at nearby Seka's driving range, piecing together Pflaumer's original logic - often based on Jack's Par's view of the world but somehow more believable, and a heart that served as a catylitic magnet for seven or eight neighborhood kids trying to find their way. I know Bob influenced one of them profoundly. 

I pray he Rests in Peace. 



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