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06/07/22 07:47 PM #1837    

Barbara Barasch (Rosin)

Very sorry....I meant to write your ' father-in-law '.

06/08/22 03:24 PM #1838    


Robert Macfarland

I have a similar story Barbara.  I was told I met my father at Jenkintown station when I was a couple months old.  He was returning from the navy in the Pacific and took the train from the city to Jenkintown,  My mom and I lived with my grandparents in Jenkintown while he was in the Pacific and moved to Laverock shortly after he returned.    

06/08/22 08:19 PM #1839    

Barbara Barasch (Rosin)

very similar indeed , Bob...

06/09/22 12:52 PM #1840    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Robert Macfarland, Mr. Ashcom was my most favorite teacher. He taught us world history in away I never forgot. I didn't know about the story liberating one of the concentration camps. I wish I had know this. He was a very special teacher. 

09/10/22 10:09 PM #1841    

George Trapp

Extremely late to the discussion. Yahoo mail went bust on my tablet for several months shortly after I posted about Mr Bal. Last week I received a dump of over 6000 emails.---- I was responsible for an old lady who was dying of kidney cancer. Her husband was a tanker whose unit rolled into Belsen. There were no children so I got to keep some of her effects. One was a scrapbook which contained their letters back and forth, a couple of small Nazi war souvenirs, and two actual snapshots of deceased victims of the Holocaust. ---- Among the " progress " man has made over time since Cain murdered Abel is the proliferation of the methods and numbers of persons who can be slaughtered. Or perhaps I should say are being slaughtered. The world and the USA are, in my opinion, a mess and getting worse.

09/11/22 09:40 AM #1842    


Barton Solow

Yes George,...a real mess of things...

09/11/22 03:57 PM #1843    

Susan Pomerantz

I guess my messages had stopped for 7-8 months, Thanks for the birthday wishes. I enjoyed reading everyone's news.



09/22/22 08:36 AM #1844    

Bonnie Verbit (Lundy)

It is with sadness that I share with you the passing of Jay Ginsburg on Tuesday September 20,2022.

09/23/22 10:01 AM #1845    

Marsha Dishler

I am so sorry to hear of Jay Gingbergs passing. He and I lived across the street from one another and i confess to a wicked crush on him at one point,, That hair !!!    He was a fine person and lived a good life. He will be missed.

09/23/22 12:07 PM #1846    


Richard Olitsky

Very sorry to hear about Jay. 

09/23/22 01:37 PM #1847    

Barbara Brownstein (Schonberger)

So sorry to hear this news

09/23/22 02:50 PM #1848    

Susan Pomerantz

I am so sad to hear about this Jay was a terrific guy.



09/23/22 04:19 PM #1849    

Sheryl Frost (Sherman)

Devestated to hear about Jay Ginsberg.  Our families were very friendly growing up. He will be missed. Condolences to his family.

09/23/22 04:21 PM #1850    

Helen Batt (Feinberg)

Sad news. In my mind Jay will always be that handsome guy full of life.. 

09/23/22 06:08 PM #1851    

Susan Abrams (Pelleg)

Sorry to hear about Jay.  He was a good person.

09/23/22 06:24 PM #1852    

George Trapp

Sad news ! Ironic, I was just thinking of Jay recently. Specifically about some email we exchanged 6-8 years ago. It was of a nature that might have upset many of our classmates, so it was kept off the website. Suffice to say we shared many views because of difficult situations he saw in his practice relating to children and families , and my experiences with children / families during my years of teaching. He is one of those people that will be exceedingly difficult to replace in his public roles and impossible to replace within his family and among his closest friends.

09/24/22 08:56 AM #1853    


Susan Wolf (Trichon)

Yesterday Bonnie,Ginger,Tom and I went to Jay's service.Though none of us really knew him in high school we did get the privilege to get to know him through our many years of reunion meetings.He was kind,compassionate and the ultimate gentleman. At his service his 5 children talked about the impact he made in their lives and his many interests and passions. He was an amazing man. He brought such joy and happiness to so many families through his knowledge of the adoption process. We all felt it was an honor to have known him.

09/24/22 12:23 PM #1854    

Gary Hoffman

So sorry to hear about Jay.  He was a great guy.  May he rest in peace.

12/11/22 03:32 PM #1855    

Jessica Lobel (Kahn)

Happy holidays to everyone. I'm knee deep in cookie baking and loving every minute of it. My best wishes for a New Year of health and peace. 

I wanted everyone who is interested to know that Lewis Bolno is in a nursing home in Cinnaminson NJ and probably would love to get a card (or a call -- I have his number which I can share privately). The address is Wynwood Nursing Home 1700 Wynwood Road Cinnaminson NJ 08077. And I'm also in touch with Tom Brogan, also in a nursing home, in California. He'd love a card (I also have his phone number) His address is Room 216, 2400 Mariner Square Drive, Alameda, CA 94501.

I've been visiting Lewis regularly and I've come to realize how isolated that reality is. But it's also true that a visit or a note can really brighten things up. 


12/27/22 05:04 PM #1856    


Nancy Eisenberg (Einhorn)

It is with sadness I share the passing of Howard Small on December 25, 2022. R.I.P.

01/01/23 09:09 AM #1857    

George Trapp


Very sorry to note Howard's death. Even more difficult is hearing that Lewis and Tom are in nursing facilities.Jessica's comment about the isolated reality of that life is so true. We have several friends in nursing homes. The number one comment of their relatives is how lonely and bored they are. Those cards and visits really do bring bright moments into their lives. 

Also my email is now ezeepappy@ if any of you has any reason to contact me.


01/19/23 11:37 AM #1858    

Tom Israel

It is with sadness to report that Marci Finkelstein Zweighaft passed away January 16th. 

09/07/23 06:09 PM #1859    

Leslie Brooks (Durant)

The CHS 60th reunion planning committee met today in preparation for our 60th reunion on Oct. 14th - 1-5 at Sunnybrook Golf Club.  This is a reminder to all of you who haven't yet registered to attend!  You can see the list of registered people on the website.  Sign into the site - and follow Tom Israel's instructions to register!  It's going to be a great afternoon to see, reconnect and enjoy talking with with some old friends!.  Saw that Joe Hewlett has already registered, so where are some more of his friends - like John Leonard, Bob McFarland, Hank Mayer, Neal Kulick, Bob Walters and some others?!  And where are some of the cheerleaders (Debbie Merrick, Marie Pulini, Nancy Cunningham and others?!

How about each of the class of 63 graduates go to the website, find out who has already registered, and contact some of your friends who you don't see on the list!  

The entire planning committee is really looking forward to seeing lots of you there! - Leslie Brooks Durant


09/08/23 06:37 AM #1860    

Ginger Abrams (Lane)

Yes the reunion committee met yestrday and we sure hope to see many of you at our reunion, 60 years sure was a long time ago but those CHS memories are still quite vivid and very meaningul. Would love to see friends and classmates from those wonderful years when we were all teenagers.!!!

09/08/23 12:39 PM #1861    


Robert Macfarland

I saw Neal Kulick in Chicago last year and don't think he will be coming east for the reunion.  John Leonard will be on a cruise that week and I have a call into Bucky Watlers and Gwen Punchard.  Unfortunately Hank Mayer died several years ago.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on 10/14.

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