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01/27/22 01:39 PM #1791    

Michael Shore

I am interested as long as it is held between May & September

01/27/22 02:09 PM #1792    


Hal Burd

Bonnie - I would be interested in attending. 

01/27/22 02:11 PM #1793    


Carolyn Ford (Swain)

Yes I am interested in the 60 Reunion please keep me updated and if I can help in any way reach out. 


01/27/22 05:29 PM #1794    


Frances Ostrum (Gould)

Tommy - I am so very sorry for your loss. May her memory be a blessing.

01/28/22 07:08 AM #1795    

Joan Winer (Wilking)

Sad to read of Sue's passing Tommy. Love and condolences to you and the rest of the family.

As for the 60th... Those ten years have gone by at what seems like lightspeed. I'm happy to help with putting together any print or social media pieces again. 

01/28/22 09:11 AM #1796    

Marsha Dishler

Thank you, I would be interested in a 60th reunion and i like the May - October idea.


01/28/22 11:05 AM #1797    

Jon Kugelman

Tommy, my condolences to you and your family.

01/28/22 12:52 PM #1798    

Barbara Brownstein (Schonberger)

Bonnie - I would be interested in a 60 reunion

Barbara Brownstein Schonberger


01/28/22 01:27 PM #1799    

Lila Sharp (Schultz)

So sorry to hear about your loss of Susan.
Lila Sharp Schultz

01/29/22 08:56 AM #1800    

George Trapp

Classmates ----- With a mix of sadness and joy I report to you the death of our classmate, my friend and sister in Christ , Lois Ehrlich Scharfglass. Her obituary is online at Daniels Family Funeral Services which I think is in Rio Rancho New Mexico. ---- I am certain that the fact of her being a Jesus follower surprises many of you. Her testimony begins at about 4 years old and now culminates in her being face to face with the Saviour as of January 21st ----- I will not comment further in the forum as I have no wish to offend any of you. If you have any desire to know further detail feel free to contact me directly ----- George T

01/29/22 01:58 PM #1801    

Susan Abrams (Pelleg)

So sorry to hear about Lois's death.  I know she and her husband suffered for a long time.  Now she is at peace.

01/30/22 11:37 AM #1802    

Gary Hoffman

So sorry to hearing about the passing of Lois.


01/30/22 12:11 PM #1803    

Elaine Carmosin (Radbill)

Bonnie- a 60th reunion sounds great.  Count me in. I'd be happy to help out.  I look forward to seeing Shoemaker elementary school classmates there. 

01/30/22 01:14 PM #1804    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

So sorry to hear of Lois's death. Condolences to her family. 

01/30/22 04:07 PM #1805    

George Trapp

Tom ---- I had posted last week regarding Sue. Don't know where it got lost. I am sorry for the loss of your sister and praying for God's peace for those who loved her.

01/30/22 04:32 PM #1806    


Lucy Gilbert (Rhoda)

My condolences to Lois' family and friends.

01/30/22 04:36 PM #1807    


Lucy Gilbert (Rhoda)

A 60th reunion sounds great.  Keep me posted, please.  Thank you, in advance.

01/31/22 10:41 AM #1808    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Like George, I posted a condolence message to Tom about Susan's passing, but it has not appeared.  I am, similarly, saddened to hear of Lois' passing, although she and her husband have suffered so, I hope that she has now been relieved of her suffering.  

02/01/22 04:01 PM #1809    

Bonnie Verbit (Lundy)

My condolences to Tommy and the Israel family as well as to The Ehrlich and Scarfglass families.  A difficult time of life and all the more reason to gather together with old friends.

Please be sure you update your email and address to your profile so we can find everyone.  

02/01/22 05:30 PM #1810    

Michael Shore

Your own messages do not show up in your Email

02/01/22 06:11 PM #1811    


Carolyn Ford (Swain)


My condolence to Lois and her family. Blessing to you and just know that she is in Gods care.

02/02/22 12:13 PM #1812    


Amy Shelanski

So very sorry to hear about Lois. My condolences to her family.


02/04/22 11:46 PM #1813    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

So sorry to here about Lois Passing. She fought a good battle and is with God now 

and her Husband is in Gods hands now with his Loveing care..Blessing and Peace be

with the family.  Marilyn Ford Evans

02/06/22 08:28 AM #1814    

Tom Israel

Thanks to all who posted or contacted me directly with your kind words of support and sympathy. It is comforting to know that so many people care during times of sadness.

02/23/22 12:01 PM #1815    

Linda Pritchard (Crowley)

I am so sorry to let you know my friend of 64 years and fellow classmate, Judy Trois Hatten, passed away last December 15th. She fought the good fight but lost to ovarian cancer. I will miss her always.

Linda Pritchard Crowley

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