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10/09/18 09:16 PM #1545    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Hello Class,

It is always so good to read about so many of you and how you are doing. It is clear that many of you are making the effort to stay healthy

and exercise. Living in Texas we have good weather 9 months a year.

My Y has an outdoor pool and I for one take water aerobics  2-3

times a week and love it. I am blessed to have good geans, have always taken  that extra step to stay healthy. Adopting my daughter at age 50

definitely kept me moving. It is not what we do it is that we are doing. So whatever all of you are doing keep up the good work and have as many of your friend as possible to join you. Spread the word as you show  them what it has done for you.

Hope To See  All Of You At The Next Reunion



10/10/18 04:57 PM #1546    

Deborah Merrick (Wilson)


I THINK about exerciing 2-3 times a week.  You put many of us to shame and it shows.  Your daughter is beautiful!  Definite model material.  As a first time grandmother at 70 I can attest to the fact that an adoption at 50 makes you one of our bravest classmates.  Best regards

10/11/18 11:58 AM #1547    


Amy Shelanski

Hi to all. Sounds like many of us are bionic these days. Tennis was my game, but a 95 lb dog lunging after squirrels has done in a shoulder. It's been repaired and could swing a racquet, but now I need a new kneecap (not whole knee). I keep going with strength training twice a week. It's an awesome routine and I recommend it highly. The 95 lb dog is now 11 and has slowed down a lot, but I have to be on my guard because the squirrels are still very tempting. Glad people are well and active.

10/11/18 05:13 PM #1548    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

I enjoy everyone's comments and as is common at our age, conversation turns to health. Some months ago I mentioned that I was spending a year of exercise and dietary calcium along with some supplements in the hope of reversing--or halting--the progression of osteoporosis. I want to avoid taking medication.

My bone scan showed that the year paid off in that the osteoporosis did not get worse. But it didn't get better either. So I'm continuing this way, which includes Tai Chi to improve balance and thus make falls less likely.

I wish all of you good health and fulfillment and again, I enjoy learning what others are doing to that end!

10/12/18 07:21 AM #1549    

Susan Pomerantz

Moby (85 lbs) is still trying to take charge of things, At 8 I keep hoping he will slow down so my back can recover.

10/12/18 04:31 PM #1550    

Harriet (Nikki) Lang

Hey Susan (Orlins) just read about a calcium supplement called AlgaCal recommended to be taken with Strontium boost. Reviews seem pretty impressive. Check it out....Good news on your bone scan, but I think you can do better...still highly recommending Pilates also good for balance issues.

10/12/18 07:08 PM #1551    

George Trapp

Interesting how active so many have stayed. Am reminded of the famous Satchel Paige quote " Don't look back, something might be gaining on you."   Hope you all look forward to each new day as I normally do. Remembering is good but creating new memories is even better.      To Amy ... My shoulder orthopedist said he could put in a new one but that it could never be as good as the one God gave me, and that I'd tear it apart given my activity level. Instead he approved a pain management regimen that involves targeted injections every 3 months, otc pain meds and something stronger preceding tennis. This keeps the pain manageable on court and I NEVER use the stronger med except before tennis.         Isn't it interesting how little thought we all gave to health 55 years ago . There was an occasional glitch like the deaths of Karl Hasselbacher in elementary school and Ray Salem in jhs, but in the main we thought of ourselves as indestructible and gave virtually no thought to our mortality. Now it has become clear that every day is a gift, a treasure !

10/13/18 07:08 AM #1552    

Susan Pomerantz

George....the Satchel quote is my favorite

10/13/18 12:21 PM #1553    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

NIKKI, I thought I had posted that AlgaeCal too. Guess I didn't. But it is very expensive. I could use it myself as I don't want to take calcium pills. Did you as well see it on FB?

11/13/18 01:53 PM #1554    


Amy Shelanski

Hi Everyone,

Here I am still living in Philadelphia and working in real estate. If any of you are thinking of moving back, downsizing, moving into the city from the 'burbs I'd love to help you. I've been in the center city area for over 40 years and know pretty much everything there is to know. Would love to hear from you! ---Amy

11/14/18 12:13 PM #1555    


Daniel Bronson

As we approach both the holiday season and five years since our last reunion, it seems like a good time to stir the pot a bit. What I’d be curious to hear from others is what major change has happened to you in the last five years. I’m guessing a number of us have retired and/or moved, and a few of us may have embarked on new careers or interests.  I can say that one of my simple pleasures on a nice day is to take a subway to some neighborhood in New York and just walk for an hour or so, checking things out.

11/14/18 02:20 PM #1556    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Hi Classmates-  I retired last year, after 20+ years of employment by the (PA) Governor's Office of General Counsel.  After almost 15 years of commuting to Harrisburg, I am enjoying an  unstructured schedule, the ability to stay up past 9 p.m., although I still find myself waking at 5:30, and joining a gym.  I keep planning to clear out the detritus of  38 years in the same house, so we can downsize if we so choose, but I have made little progress. I have audited a few (free) French classes at Villanova, and I'm delighted to remember more than I expected.  We went on a wonderful trip to Paris and Normandy, including guided visits to the D-Day beaches, and a marvelous day at Roland Garros, and my French was very useful.  Everyone--stay in touch.       







































11/15/18 10:58 AM #1557    

George Trapp


Every day on the top side of the grass is a great day of blessing from the Lord.   Moving back into a city would never be me. Once I discovered the then open spaces around Harrisburg and hunting I knew I was never meant to be a city boy.  My lovely wife who was raised in Alexandria, VA felt likewise , so here we are still in the only home we've ever owned nearly 48 years later. Also surrounded by all our stuff or "shit" depending on whose viewpoint is in vogue. I have no intention of downsizing or cleaning out. We did it for all our relatives and we fully intend to pass this " pleasure " along to our children as a condition of their inheritance. The wide open spaces no longer exist N,E,orW. South is still a bit more open. 

These past 5 years are mostly same old same old. The exceptions are health related for both of us. Knees and shoulder for me, eyes and now knees for Jan. But that's really old news that I covered in the past. Our baby, 39 year old Brad got married last year, the only real change in our close family.

Jan likes to be away but I'm a home body. Our lifestyle with animals, heating with wood in the main, being in multiple tennis contracts, etc makes travel a big hassel for me in particular. We did go to Hawaii for our 40th. 11 yrs ago. That was on my bucket list. Virtually all our male teachers and professors back in the day were WWll and or Korea vets. Pearl Harbor was an event that changed their lives, the planet, and impacted us all with the ripples of the tens of millions who were killed fighting , in collateral damage, and in genocides. I had been in Europe and Scandanavia for about two months in the mid 60's. Normandy is a place I would go again. The late Ed  Balchunas , "Mr Bal" , of JBT at EPJH was a Normandy survivor vet. If we go away more than a day or two, it's in the summer and usually Hilton Head with another couple that enjoys tennis.               

Unfortunately too many funerals. My long time tennis and hunting buddy from years past is recently gone , a victim of Alzheimer's . Two days later a former pastor, two weeks earlier Jan's aunt. A fact of life with no escape.

12/18/18 09:01 PM #1558    

George Trapp

Classmates ....... Am wishing you God's richest blessings in this Holyday season. ....... George T

12/19/18 08:19 PM #1559    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Hi to all Classmates

Since the last reunion there has not been much change in my life.

I too  have knee problems but I think with age this is something we will go through

for they have done their job to keep us upright in a comfortable way for years. With

modern medicine I will have my surgery next year and afterwords will keep on keeping on.

I Do Hope Tommy Is Working On Our Next Reunion.


Talk  To All In 2019


12/20/18 03:23 PM #1560    

Harriet (Nikki) Lang

In response to Dan's question regarding recent changes in our lives, I guess for us the most influential change is having two grandchildren living in Italy prompting more frequent visits there and prompting me to learn Italian since the in-laws don't speak English. Learning a new language at this age I must admit is a real challange, but what makes it fun in this techologic age is a charming, young and vivacious Italian who teaches me two hours a week over Skype from Spain. Wow....amazing the world we live in!

02/03/19 11:09 PM #1561    

George Trapp

I seem to remember reading something quite awhile back about Fred Rosenberg but cannot recall it or find it. If you are able to provide some info on Fred at any time since graduation I would greatly appreciate it.      George T

02/04/19 01:27 PM #1562    

Susan Pomerantz

It may have come from me. Many yars ago I was liiving in NYC and ran into Fred (he used to be my neighbor.i I invted him to a halloween party I was having and he did come. He looked like his father (stocky and balding). I never heard from him after that thoughI did visit his parents.

02/04/19 04:29 PM #1563    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Here is what I wrote in an early draft of my memoir (eventually edited out):

My girlfriends and I were under the impression that a girl's horniest time of the month was midway between menstrual cycles.  The nearest weekend to this midpoint we called make out weekend, and we always prayed someone good would ask us out.  Fred Rosenberg, a high-ranking regular on my crush list, invited me to the movies for one such Saturday night.

         Fred was an intellectual, a non-conformist, a beatnik (to the extent that someone not old enough to drive could qualify as beat), yet even some cheerleaders were dying to go out with him.  Everyone said Fred looked just like Paul Newman.  I used to say, "I wonder if people tell Paul Newman he looks just like Fred Rosenberg."  The resemblance was in the blue eyes and square jaw, but what drew me to Fred was the gap between his two front teeth. 

         On our date, his mother drove us downtown to see "Sunrise at Campobello."  Afterwards, we walked to a bench in Rittenhouse Square where Fred preached existentialism and quoted writers with French names.  I waited impatiently for that moment when he would put his arm around me.  However, he never made his move.

         A couple of years later we both entered University of Pennsylvania.  One afternoon I visited Fred, who had his own apratment and who was smoking the first marijuana I had ever seen.  I declined the offer to join him, but watched with fascination while he inhaled with loud sucking noises then held his breath till he coughed.  

Ten years later a college newsletter arrived at my apartment in Washington, D.C. with an entry from Fred.  "I'm at Lewisberg Penitentiary serving a four-year sentence for armed robbery.  Would like to hear from classmates, especially Susan Fishman."  I gagged in horror at the turn his life had taken; then my stomach did a flip when I at the notiont a heartthrob from my high school years might have harbored a crush on me all this time.

         When I finally tracked him down, he was in a halfway house in New York City.  We agreed to meet at a restaurant in the West Village.  When Fred spotted me walking down Greenwich Avenue, he strode up to me, flung his arms around my hips, and ran down the block holding me high in the air.  His few remaining strands of hair were long and straggly and his skin was gray.  Those heartbreaker eyes no longer focused and penetrated.  We shared a beer, he told me how hard it was to kick the drug habit, I paid the bill, and that was the last time I saw or heard from Fred.



02/05/19 03:08 PM #1564    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

I was so saddened when I first heard about his demise. Such a long fall from grace. The times they were achanging  

He had a smile that would drive to insanity. And of course those eyes. I remember being in Jr High, he would take my hand and kiss it ever so lightly. Of course he had me at the smile. Never has the pleasure of being asked out, but a girl could always dream.



02/06/19 08:53 PM #1565    

Jerry Chonin

I really feel stupid or maybe just totally detached, but who is Fred Rosenberg? I looked in the year book and he wasn't in our class. I am a simple human who hasen't written a book, I haven't traveled around the world, nor have I found the cure for cancer. (I am still working on that last item.)  On the plus side I have loved and been loved by the same person for the last almost 40 years. We have made the most perfect life we could hope for. We took care of two sets of parents until their deaths, and we look in the mirror and say "we did good". 

I don't remember some of you and others I will never forget, no matter how hard I try. lol

At this stage of my life all of the philosophical retrospecting is too pompass for me. Please excuse the misspelling. Let's just try to keep it real and not get so deep. We are all too old for that. There is more behind us than there is ahead.

Thanks for letting me vent. Cocktail hour went into overtime.

Love you all. (Those I remember anyway.)

02/07/19 07:06 AM #1566    

Susan Pomerantz

Fred did not  finish school with us because  his parents put him in military school.

02/07/19 12:30 PM #1567    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Jerry one of the things I remember about you is that you were an amazing dancer! I've done a lot of swing dancing/jitterbugging and I'm not sure I've had a dance partner with your grace, pacing, and rhythm.

02/09/19 04:33 PM #1568    

Elaine Griffin (Mott)

Jerry, we didn’t  know each other very well.  I remember you being a very caring person, who always had time for everyone.  And, Yes, you took pride in your Dancing.

02/10/19 04:05 PM #1569    

Terri Saltzman (Cannon)

Dear Jerry, you were adorable and sweet then you are adorable and kind now. So happy to call you a friend! Terri Saltzman Cannon



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