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08/16/17 12:39 PM #1502    

George Trapp

Was speaking today with Girts Perkons '64 and was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Charlie Kress also '64. Charlie was a good bud in HS and his time at West Chester State. Like the idiots most young males can be, we had alot of stupid and dangerous adventures together during those years. Indeed it was miraculous that we were not killed in a drunken car wreck in '65. ----- Charlie was remembered by Alan Tractenberg '64 for his football abilities. He was also the left fielder on the Suburban One '63 Championship baseball team. ---- He and I lived maybe 3/4 mi apart in the same neighborhood, attended the same chuch ( sporadically ) and both worked in my dad's pharmacy once we could drive. ---- I have alot of great memories both from hanging out and from the ball we played together, both organized and year round on the playgrounds and the neighborhood backyards and bb courts.------ George Trapp

08/17/17 11:43 AM #1503    

Carol Kutner (Winig)

As always anyones passing is sad. We are getting older and will be hearing of our friends passing more often, but no one can take away the memories.

08/17/17 12:59 PM #1504    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

I also feel the same as Carol. Althought I did not know Charlie I am sadden to hear of his death.

Tomarrow is not promised to us but as we get older our health does change. More of us will go

but in our hearts we will have those memories to get us through.

08/18/17 03:49 PM #1505    

George Trapp

Carol and Marilyn ---- Thanks for your responses. --- Because of my Saviour I expect to live eternally, however like everyone else I will not escape the experience of earthly death. We are indeed getting older and will be losing more friends and classmates with increasing frequency. Compared to our schooldays in the 50's and 60's, we are "short timers". Most of us likely don't fear passing but might be apprehensive about the manner of our deaths. As attested to by our "In Memory" section the timing of death is pretty much out of our control. Each death  brings memories of fun times and adventures we shared that  return us temporarily to past days. That's generally a good thing. 

Currently I'm looking forward to returning to the tennis courts following my latest total knee replacement. Medicine is fantastic so long as quality of life is retained.

Best regards to each of you ! ---- George T 

08/19/17 05:58 PM #1506    

Carol Ratcliffe (Gairo)

Who’s Your Daddy?

That might sound like a strange question at this point in our lives.  But for me it isn’t.  You see I don’t look anything like my mother or father.  I have seen my birth certificate and my mother’s name is on it and I do believe she is my biological mother.  But after a psychic told me that my sister was only my half-sister and that we shared the same mother, but not the same father . . . I started asking questions.

I asked my mother three times before she died, “Who is my real father?” Her response was never the man stated on my birth certificate.  One time she said, “Well, I’m your real mother!” 

I already knew that and I let her know I accepted her as my mother.  Another time she said, “Well, who do you want it to be?”

Let me tell you as a mother myself, if one of my sons came to me and asked who their real father was? I would tell them, "Jim of course."  Then I would ask why would you think it could be anyone else?"  

My mother took many secrets to the grave with her.

But in this day of DNA, I took the DNA test.  When the results came back it confirmed that the man listed on my birth certificate could not have been my father. His parents were from London, England and so were his sister, brother and grandparents and great grandparents.  I only have 6% from Great Britain.  My mother’s mother was from Ireland and I am 26% Irish. If Harold was my biological father I would be at least 20% from Great Britain.  Instead 53% is from West Europe including Germany, France, Switzerland, N. Italy and Austria, as well as 10% Scandinavian.

How did I handle this information? With a BIG THANK GOD!  You see the man on my birth certificate was evil.  He tried to kill my mother when I was 8 yrs. old. He tried to kill my sister in her senior year of high school and she had to move out to save her life.  My mother and I moved out when I was 16 because I knew he had guns and was threatening to blow my mother’s brains out.  I do think he is responsible for the death of an employee and his second wife’s first husband.  The best Christmas gift I got this year was to learn I don’t have that monster’s genes.

My mother was taking flying lessons when she got pregnant with me. She was 3 hours short of getting her private pilot’s license when she was getting an upset stomach with me.  She thought it was just air sickness . . . LOL.  So I think there is some pilot somewhere I could call “Daddy.”  Quite frankly learning that Harold isn’t my father is okay.  It was like learning Hitler isn't my real father.  I can live with that.  Any other father had to be better. Of course I have always had my Heavenly Father who has cared and watched over me all these years.  

08/20/17 08:27 AM #1507    

Marsha Dishler

Carol, thank you  for sharing this amazing story. You are too good a person to have had an evil father and i am glad you know this for sure now.

08/20/17 10:56 AM #1508    

Nathan Sklar

Carol, your honesty and willingness to share your history with so many of us is truly commendible.  It is great that modern science was able to give you the information that you wanted to hear.

08/21/17 08:09 PM #1509    

Carol Ratcliffe (Gairo)

Thanks for your positive responses.  My early life experiences allowed me to become a charter member of The Women's Resource Center in Honesdale, PA.  We started a crisis hotline for abused women and children and created a shelter to give them a safe place to go with help from the courts as well with protection from abuse orders.  I manned the phones, went to court, was an advocate to help victims find the various help they needed from food, clothing, electric bills, fund raising, etc. I also did public speaking and let the general public learn that abuse crosses all social, ethnic, religious and class backgrounds. If I hadn't lived in a house that I did, I wouldn't have taken the steps that I did to help change things. I can look in the mirror today and smile at the person I have become. :-)

09/04/17 09:35 AM #1510    


Joan Winer (Wilking)

It''s a book! Proving it's never too late, my first full length publication, is in print.

Mycology is a tale of resilience that spans over thirty years in the lives of a trio of characters from radically different walks of life, who come together to form a bond stronger than family.



09/05/17 01:39 PM #1511    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

That is fabulous. I would be happy to purchase that book. Where and can you sign it?

12/19/17 08:36 PM #1512    

Marsha Dishler

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season and a great 2018. May we all be content, healthy and grateful for what life has given us.

I am in the third year of marriage with my very special wife, and my son and his long term girlfriend got married this August, so I am hoping for a grandchild soon. My other son is doing well too. Life is not without challanges but overall is very good and i feel blessed.



12/20/17 10:27 PM #1513    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

​I would like to wish you Marsha and your family a very Happy Holiday and safe New Year.

​I would also like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a , Safe and Happy

​New Year to All My Class Mates. May the New Year make us aware of how blessed we

​are and how much we can bless others with words and deeds.

02/04/18 10:01 PM #1514    


Janet Hoffman

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today .   I am fortunate enough to be spending it in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!   It was a tough choice between a romantic dinner with my friend Nick and watching the Super Bowl but we are managing to do both.   The game is in its final stages and I am hoping the Eagles will win as are most people down here.  What will be will be.  



02/05/18 02:14 PM #1515    

David Fertik

Dear Janet,

Happy belated B-day! Mexico sounds great. Did you have to jump the Wall?

Question.  Do you remember in 9th grade when a quartet of choir singers sang

"Speak Low, When You  Speak Love "  I believe it was Marje Baum, Karen Nussick,

Lois Ehrlick, and Carole Grossman.  I found myself remembering how beautifully they harmonized

the other day.  Hauntingly beautiful.  It might have even been as Seniors at CHS.

02/16/18 08:25 AM #1516    

Marsha Dishler

This is not the forum for thoughts on gun control, but when we were in high school, my focus was on my friends and dates and what I would wear and did my hair flip up perfectly ( along with school work  and college of course) but the shootings in  schools put an entire different focus for kids today. My heart goes out to all the victims of all the shootings, and all their loved ones. And all kids in school today. We lived in a golden age and were very blessed,

02/23/18 09:06 AM #1517    

Susan Pomerantz

Did anyone know Harry and Jamison Bachman...they lived up the street from me. If you remember (i am not sure what school they went to you may want to read this frightening article about them.


02/24/18 03:52 PM #1518    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Happy birthday tomorrow, Susan--also David Fertik, and, on March 2, Susan Malis. Susan, I did not know those neighbors of yours.  I think that the only neighbor I knew, or remember, was Fred Rosenberg and his family.  I'll check the link.  Thanks.  Harriet 

02/24/18 06:18 PM #1519    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Wow, what a gut-churning story about Jamison and Harry Bachman. On a different kind of Cheltenham story, I've been wanting to share this article from the Washington Post:

02/25/18 12:48 PM #1520    

Nancy Shapiro (Kohn)

What a snarky article, but what an interesting photo. Netanyahu understands America’s exceptionalism & loves our country.

02/25/18 08:27 PM #1521    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Just read the article on the Bachman Bros 

That’s a story from hell. Did they go to Cheltenham?

What year?


02/26/18 08:40 AM #1522    

Susan Pomerantz

I believe that they did but in later classes. Harriet, Fred lived in the house next to me.  Another sad story. I ran into him in NYC, He was stout, bald and drinking.

02/26/18 10:47 AM #1523    

Fred Straus

Harry Bachman and his family lived on North Sterling, just around the courner from me. I did not know him other than to say "hi'. His wife is a psychologist. They had two girls a few years younger than my daughter, Susan.

02/27/18 09:46 AM #1524    

Susan Pomerantz

Fred...this is a different Bachman. No girls, just two  boys with a scary and tragic ending. They lived on Meetinghouse Rd.

03/01/18 07:02 PM #1525    


Lucy Gilbert (Rhoda)

Thank you, Susan P for the Worst Roommate Ever.  Thank you, Susan F for the Netanuahu article.  Both very interesting.  I was surprised about Jamison Bachman being from Cheltenham.  Those poor people who got "taken" by him.  Agree with Nancy (Shapiro) C about the Netanuahu article.

Weather a little confused in FL.... summerlike temperatures.!   Be well and be safe...

Got to update the photo!!  The little girl in the picture is in First Grade!!

03/23/18 04:30 PM #1526    


Nancy Eisenberg (Einhorn)

Hope everyone is well and having a happy life!! Does anyone know,if we are having a 55 year class reunion?

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