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05/19/19 06:26 PM #1588    

Susan Abrams (Pelleg)

Anita Gutnick Greenwald was a good friend of mine.  Our families friendship goes back three generations.  Anita was the maid of honor at my wedding  55 years ago.  I can't tell you how shocked I was to hear about her death.  May her memory be for a blessing.

05/28/19 05:38 PM #1589    

George Trapp




Celebrated Memorial Day in a new way by searching the VVMF website for Pedro Swenson of our class and George Gray , 64 or 65. Navigating the site produced a photo, date of death, unit, rank, and perhaps a short synopsis of the cause and or action leading to the death. I'm certain many of you lost friends in Vietnam, a war fought largely by our generation, and so badly mismanaged by LBJ, MacNamara, Nixon and Kissinger.

It was my way of remembering and saying thank you for the 58,000 plus Americans who did not come home alive.

Additionally I remembered Earl Punchard of our class. He was killed by his second go round with cancer which was almost certainly caused by repeated exposure to agent orange while in Vietnam. 

Corporal Swenson, USMC was killed in ground action while most of us were still in college. CWO George Graywas an Army reservist helicopter pilot shot down and killed about 9 months into his tour.

If you know of other CHS grads killed in the Vietnam War please list them in a post. I would like to look them up and remember their sacrifice. Thanks much.       George T

05/29/19 08:08 AM #1590    

Roy Hoffman

Thank you for that post, George. As long as we're around, their memory will be alive.


06/06/19 05:59 AM #1591    

George Trapp



EPJH ALUM-----Today remember our late teachers Ed Balchunas and Ed Otwell. 75 years ago today Mr Bal was on the beach at Normandy. At some point Mr Otwell was flying heavy bombers over Europe. It was likely B 17's in the mighty Eighth Army Air Force. 

The first wave on the beaches in France lost an unbelievable 90% of the men in these units. 25% of the men on the heavy bomber crews were lost over the course of the war.

Unbelievably, early yesterday morning I quipped to a grocery clerk of about 20 that I though the groceries were being given away to honor the D Day sacrifices. His reply---"What's D Day ?" He knew nothing of WW2. I asked him if they even taught history in the schools he attended. 

Today give your grandchildren and great grandchildren a call and a history lesson

06/06/19 09:03 PM #1592    

Barbara Barasch (Rosin)

 sadly.what an eye opener , George...not knowing anything about WWll seems quite extreme - not knowing what D-Day was may be a bit more believable. I remember those two teachers and do think of them from time to time. Mr. Bal is the one I credit with learning the bare basics of keeping a checkbook , etc. and learning about insurance. Mr. Otwell will be remembered for the fear he instilled , sad to say.  Concerning D- Day-

I can't resist saying that I hope the Trump supporters who read this saw the shameful , embarrassing display that Donald Trump exhibited yesterday when questioned about his avoidance of serving in the Vietnam War. I mention it also because George has written so beautifully about remembering Pedro Swenson and others.....Bobby Barasch Rosin





06/07/19 01:18 PM #1593    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Hello to all my CHS family. First and foremost my prayers go out to Anita husband and Jerry who are going through medical problems right now always remember God is there with you. As we go through our busy lives we have tendency to put the past on the back burner. Thinking back on the the VW war My Mind always goes to Pedro. As children we live back to back, you walk Out My Backdoor he walks out his back door there we were closer then some brothers and sisters as children and the short adult life that he had. Sometimes it takes a special day for we as human to reflect back on our past good or bad. Our passed is what kept us moving to our present and as adults it is our duty to show our young people how blessed they are and what others have done to make their future much better. Never feel bad that you have slipped and forgotten a special moment because it will always come back at some time in your life. God is good and as we age our mind my be still but I find after working with the elderly that the one thing we never forget is our past. We might not remember what happened an hour ago but we always remember our past. Continue to do your best and be blessed. Plan to be at the next reunions and hoping to see all of you.

06/07/19 04:44 PM #1594    

George Trapp

Bobby and Marilyn ---- Thanks for your responses. It sounds likely that I am on the opposite end of the political spectrum , however we are certainly in agreement on the sacrifices made to ensure that we have the freedom to think differently politically and in terms of religion. The military has paid the price for both in their blood throughout American history. Additionally ,or more correctly , first, God has always guaranteed our personal freedom thru blood sacrifice. This was true for the Nation Israel from earliest time and has been true for anyone who would  believe since Jesus went to the Cross.---- I had planned on entering the service post college, however circumstances changed with marriage and a child on the way. Perhaps this was God's way of saving my life. Interestingly, I have several friends who served in Vietnam. Any who ever opined on my failure to be there said that I should feel fortunate that I did not have to be there. One of my very best friends was a helicopter gunship pilot, as was his best friend from college. That friend was shot down and then shot to death in Cambodia. His remains have never come home. My friend Bill still chokes up over this. --- I am an emotional person and it works me over to think of all the boys and also the young women who never had the chance to marry or have kids, and also the spouses and children who lost the love of their life or children who never knew dad or perhaps mom. --- Mr Bal did teach me to write a check as well, and he was on our neighborhood playground in the summer. Mr Otwell was all bark, and was usually not in the classroom with us, preferring the company of Miss Hennessey down in the home Ec suite.----  Blessings on you both and all other surviving classmates.

06/07/19 05:32 PM #1595    

George Trapp

Joan W W ----- Thanks to you to for commenting on my profile.  One advantage of being very involved with anything ( me with tennis ) is the many friendships formed. A late buddy had a son who served in Iraq. This young man suffered severe PTSD. Opiates to sleep killed him whether accidentally or by design. ---- Our own former son in law also served there. One duty was cleaning up the body parts of a suicide bomber and victims. Though not the only cause of the divorce, it was a factor. ---- The cost of freedom is steep in ways those who never served may never understand. If I do get it , it's because I never miss an opportunity to talk with  vet, and I read the stories of individual service personnel to get the flavor of it all in their words. ----Our son was a Marine. He never saw combat. However thru his eyes I learned that military life is difficult in all aspects. We all owe these men and women.


06/08/19 08:22 AM #1596    


Laurence Liss (Liss)

Well said, George. Thank you.

06/08/19 11:20 AM #1597    

Ellen Karabell (Rugel)

I'm so glad George mentioned Mr. Otwell's visits with Miss Hennessey.  That was quite interesting to my junior high mind! 

Wasn't there a sign on his clock that said "Time will pass.  Will you?"  I never had him, but I somehow remember that sign.

06/08/19 02:04 PM #1598    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Very recently I heard on TV that 20 vets a day kill themselves.

I too think about Pedro, such a warm friendly soul. I think Marilyn and Fred wrote very touching posts about him sometime ago. It is especially painful that he enlisted after he wasn't welcome back to CHS--can't recall the details.

I'm grateful to all for keeping his memory alive.

06/09/19 07:57 AM #1599    

George Trapp

Ellen --- That was the exact signMr Otwell posted under the wall clock. Scared the crap out of me at the time, but he was not a bad guy. Remember he handed out what he termed " contracts " which really amounted to about 4 pages of questions on the then current unit. For the most part kids behaved and did the work because one never knew when he might return from his visits down the hall. ---- One observation that has slowly grown is that our teachers had seen so much , the depression, WW2, and Korea , that they were in no way scared of a bunch of jhs or hs idiots. Didn't matter that many of our classmates were richer, smarter, and would go on to do greater things in society than they were capable of. Still it bears repeating that they literally saved the world as we know it which was a very costly endeavor.  They had seen the many faces of Satan which gave them a completely different perspective than is common with today's educators. And there was a different perspective in our parents who almost automatically took the word of teachers and other adults over our stories. Same was true of the courts which were almost never involved. ---- I feel fortunate and blessed to have been a child in the 50's and a teen in the 60's. This is not to say that things were perfect because we know that every sin which is so public and distressing today, was also alive in those days but mostly covered up. Many of our classmates  unfortunately know that thru personal experience. ----Human nature remains the same as it was in the Garden, in the time of King David, in the time of Jesus, and throughout history to the present. It does not respond to either education or money i.e. Human nature can not be corrected by teaching or by spending money  in an attempt to change it.

06/09/19 08:01 AM #1600    


Janet Hoffman

It warms my heart that we are so in touch after all these years, and I do hope we can find a way to get together again for a reunion  before too long.    In the meantime, I have been fortunate enough to have had a few get-togethers with some of our classmates recently.   At this point in our lives it is wonderful to have such good friends from our present and past.   This has been particularly important to me recently since just over a week ago I had my right shoulder joint replaced .   I had no idea what to expect but I knew I would need help since I live alone these days, and it was amazing how people stepped up, including especially my late husband‘s daughter and her husband who  came in from San Francisco to stay with me this first post-surgery week.   And a number of our classmates also offered help and support from near and far.  I am eternally grateful for that as well as for the fact that I appear to be doing incredibly well so far.   I guess it’s that time of our lives when we are slowly becoming bionic and this was my first experience.    On another note, I know I have not weighed in on Anita’s passing and I do so belatedly.   I remember her very well, with all that wonderful red hair and her kind and friendly way.   I am sure she is missed by anyone who knew her.      And good wishes to the rest of you who have been contributing recently.  Let’s stay in touch and see if we can get together !!!   I will also do my best to post a more recent picture of myself.  πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜

06/09/19 08:29 AM #1601    


Janet Hoffman

 The new picture was taken of me on the beach in Puerto Vallarta in 2017 which is a couple years closer to now.

06/09/19 09:22 AM #1602    

George Trapp

Janet --- The best  to you as you rehab that new shoulder. I need one but it will not hold up to all the tennis I play so I live with the pain and kill it when I head for tennis. Shoulder surgery is not a walk in the park. Hang tough !  Glad you have some help.----- At 12 Mr Otwell's sign scared me. How wimpy ! Wonder what Mr Bal  was feeling when he hit the Normandy beach. I have been in a B 17. Wonder what  Mr Otwell was thinking separated from the guns of German Messerschmitts by plexiglas and a thin aluminum skin. Same when flying thru heavy flak. A great many of the boys who went to war were just that --- boys.  ----  Resposibility turns boys to men and girls to women pretty quickly.

06/09/19 12:25 PM #1603    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Dear Janet- Best wishes for your speedy recovery from shoulder replacement surgery.  I don't remember Pedro very well, but the loss of someone so young is always tragic. I did know Anita Gutnick well, and I am very saddened at her passing, especially under such apparently tragic circumstances.  On Bobbi's note, my husband was in the service in the Vietnam era, and he remembers many young men "of privilege" who could have claimed phony injuries in order to avoid service, but who understood that if they did so, some other person would be drafted in their place. Everyone knew about the Vietnam War; many objected to it, but, when called to serve, most did so.  For our so-called "President" to attack a decorated veteran, Robert Mueller, in an interview in the American Cemetery, moments before the ceremony to honor D-Day veterans, is an embarrassment to our country.     






























































































































06/09/19 04:17 PM #1604    

Nancy Shapiro (Kohn)

We were so lucky to have grown up in the 50’s and 60’s, just wonderful times.Also lucky to have had a great school system, most of our teachers really did care about us.We honor and respect all who went to  Vietnam, such a long and mishandled war.Many chose not to go, Bill Clinton dodged and Jimmy Carter pardoned him.Who is to judge?The young man who knew nothing of D Day is not uncommon.Talk to a college student, many are taught by progressives who do not tolerate another point of view.Textbooks are defeating our history, and statues are being torn down.The progressive movement is taking our country down, socialism moves fast, look at Cuba and Venezuela. Check out Bill Bennett, Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Levin (CHS) Dennis Prager,Thomas Sowell and Dr.Larry Arnn, Pres. Of Hillsdale College, they are all very concerned that we are losing our country.I also feel that President Trumps speech on D Day was beautiful, filled with honor and deep gratitude.

06/10/19 08:04 AM #1605    


Janet Hoffman


 I am sure we all have our views on the current situation not only with our government but worldwide, but as has been suggested before   this is probably not the best forum in which to find common ground .   My own approach to all of this is to do whatever I can to make sure people get out and vote and encourage others to do so, whatever side you may be on.   This is our treasured right and should be exercised.    And while I am fully aware of issues relating to voter suppression, I still think that there is enough opportunity in our country to make our voices heard through the ballot box.  I am hoping we can organize another reunion before too long since I firmly believe that person to person,  and especially in person, dialogue is far  superior to forums like this and social media,  to discuss such issues.  And  if there are those among us who wish to engage on these subjects,  that would be a better place.   That’s just my two cents!  Anyway,  as far as my shoulder is concerned I have no illusions about the tough PT work ahead of me, but I was well prepared for this by my physical therapist and I am confident that I will end up at the higher end of recovering  my range of motion and strength.   Thanks for your good wishes!  Peace,   😊

PS to George:   I was told at least four years ago that I was already bone on bone in my right shoulder and that I should talk to the surgeon.  Since then,  I have also been managing with good physical therapy and even took a Cortizone shot  a couple years ago  (which did nothing). When it came to the point where I could not dress and undress without substantial pain that’s when I decided to do the surgery.    I don’t play tennis or golf or engage in contact sports,  but I am very active and want to get to a point where I can,  for example, go snorkeling and be confident that I can pull myself back into the boat,  and do my upper body strength and other daily exercises, all of which I think I can get to do  if I take my rehab seriously.   I am ready to tough it out, so I am reasonably optimistic that I will get there in time.   Good recovery is predicted within 3 to 6 months -  and full recovery can take as long as a year - so I have no illusions about how long it may take me.   I am hopeful that I will be on the short end of that given all the physical therapy I did leading up to the surgery which was critical .


06/10/19 12:10 PM #1606    

George Trapp

Janet ---- When I previously commented on your shoulder I did not wish to say too much. Seeing your latest post I can do better. I have had 5 major surgeries. By far the toughest recovery was from the repair of a torn rotator cuff. At 4 months I got back on the tennis court but had to serve underhand and simply block any ball over my head. But a few more months saw a complete recovery .  However just a year or so later I was at zero cartilage in my right shoulder. For a guy with a very strong throwing arm, it was humbling to pretty much lose the ability to throw which pretty much ended my softball. Fortunately the overhand service motion is dissimilar enough that I was still able to serve. ---  My shoulder guy discussed a complete shoulder with me but candidly told me that he could not put in anything as good as what God gave me. He followed that with the news that at my activity level I  would tear the new shoulder apart in as little as two years. He has approved my pain killing regimen which is two Aleve about 2-3 hours prior to play, followed by a single Oxy about an hour and a half prior to play. Playing is not painless but it is tolerable. No matter how bad the pain at any other time, the Oxy stays in the drawer where I keep it. ---- I am blessed by God to be able to keep competing and very thankful. ---- I understand exactly why you went to a complete shoulder replacement because to do without would be constant pain and the debilitation that messed with your lifestyle. That is really the bottom line. What does one need to do to maintain the lifestyle they want to enjoy ? That is why I went the direction I have. So I applaud your decision to go the path you chose. Any cutting into the body presents its own set of risks in addition to the possibility that the surgery will not accomplish what the recipient hopes it will. The key to any rehab is ones' motivation to do it correctly ,faithfully, and to push thru to the goal.--- YOU ARE GOING TO DO GREAT BECAUSE YOU ARE AS I JUST DESCRIBED !!! ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE !!! ---- I have two knees , a repaired Achilles and  surgically fused neck necessitated by severely broken and dislocated vertebra at c-6 and c-7. God has blessed me and my sense is that He will similarly bless your recovery efforts.

07/14/19 02:02 PM #1607    

Gwendolyn Faust (Punchard)

This is my first posted message on this forum but I felt moved to share some thoughts with my Class of 63 classmates.  Last week Nancy Cunningham Moore , Sue Brumfield Ambacher and Bruce Ambacher joined me at my Ocean City, New Jersey summer home.  We have been in touch over the years and each year it becomes more important to spend this time together.  We laugh and talk endlessly about our high school years together and all that has happened since.  We are amazed at how innocent and special those years were. Cheltenham gave us a great foundation and  Sue and I ended up marrying our high school boyfriends.  This summer take some time to remember and drink a toast to Panther Parties, Friday football games, Abington-Cheltenham sports rivalry, the music and arts program and most of all to absent friends.  All my best, Gwen Faust Punchard

07/15/19 01:08 PM #1608    

Robert Macfarland

Thanks for the post Gwen.  I agree.  It is wonderful getting together with CHS friends.  It sounds like you had a great time with Nancy, Sue and Bruce.  This fall I enjoyed time together in Hilton Head with Neal Kulick and Ted Johnson.  We shared a number of stories from the CHS days and Ted had a lot of pictures dating back to Thomas Williams including one of the football team.  We had leather helmets and looked like we were coming out of the dark ages.  Can't believe it's been over 50 years.  I also see Dennis Cooper who is in my winter tennis group, John Leonard who also goes to Avalon in the summer and Rob Peterman who sometimes hits the golf course with me.  The CHS stories never get old but sometimes get stretched a little.  It is all good.

07/15/19 05:53 PM #1609    

Ellen Karabell (Rugel)

Long time friends are the best.  We knew each other's parents, houses, neighborhoods.  Bobby Barasch, Bonnie Verbit, Ginger Abrams and I just got together for our annual - if not more - get together.  I cherish it, our memories of CHS, and our lasting friendships.  Wishing each of you good health and good times.


08/05/19 05:27 PM #1610    

Jerry Chonin


I am just about half way through my chemo. After a few setbacks and having to change the routine, my doctor hit on a regimen that allows me to feel more human. After suffering two mini strokes and all of the typical side affects, I am on the right path. I will never loose my positive attitude or my sense of humor. Fortunately I have not suffered any lasting affects from the mini strokes. I have the best medical team who I trust completely. My support system is amazing. I am a very lucky man. Hopefully I am cleared by my doctor by the end of October. That being the case, thanksgiving will be incredible. 


08/06/19 02:04 PM #1611    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Hi Jerry,

Sorry you had some set backs. Set backs are just blips for better times to come. 

Your faith and attitude serves you well. We will all be rooting for you. Prayers tooπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™. 

Sunny Ingber Drohan

08/07/19 06:49 PM #1612    

Jay Ginsburg


Dear Jerry:

    So sorry you are having a tough time.  I hope you fully recover.  

    Be well old friend,,



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