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08/26/18 01:36 PM #1536    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Thanks . Susie, I'm going to throw out the Vitamin D I bought from CVS. By the way, a year after my healthy high calcium diet started and walking with a weighted backpack, my bone scan showed no improvement, but also no further deterioration. I with someone would come up with a safe treatment. Nikki I'm inspired that you have had success and I'm bumping up my calcium.

I'm so said to hear that Steve Cohen died. He lived a couple of blocks from me and I knew he was quite ill. He was greatly admired.


08/27/18 08:17 AM #1537    

Joan Bradburd


I was also sorry to hear that Steve Cohen died,  we worked hard together on the Cheltoniian.  He was very serious.  I understand he was a renound law professor at Georgetown Law School in D,C.  My regards to everyone.  Joan Murphy




08/27/18 11:40 AM #1538    

Susan Pomerantz

I used to get some sort of shot that really helped me...cannot remember what it was but I can try and find out if anyone is interested.

08/28/18 12:37 PM #1539    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

Thanks Susie. I've been trying to avoid medication due to the risk of significant side effects, but of course I am also risking fractures.

10/06/18 11:42 AM #1540    

George Trapp

Don't sleep for crap anymore. Usually out of bed between 4:30 - 6 AM. This AM around 6 looked in the mirror and thought who is this poor homeless guy who just crawled out from under a bridge. So why post this ? Upon checking my email was an invitation to visit another website to view pics of some '63 classmates. Among those were Roy Hoffman, Doris Reitinger, Frank Reipen and Dorothy Richter. Was friendly with each, but not really close. On the off chance any of them will read this, or that one of you will call it to their attention, I just wanted to say hi to each of them and ask what might be the secret of looking so good as we all approach mid seventies ? 

The good news is that despite many joint problems, surgeries, heart disease, and other assorted lesser temporary health issues, I can be found on the tennis court 3-6 days depending on the week, on occasion twice in that day, doubles only. Last year I played competitively with my wife in mixed, with our oldest daughter again in mixed, and recently with a 48 year old man who I first met when he was a 13 year old in one of the classes I taught. In almost every instance I'm giving up from 10 to as many as 45 years to each opponent. Just being competitive is a huge boost, while the occasional win is pretty special. I am hugely blessed by the Lord I serve and am saddenned each time I review the IN MEMORY section of our website. Further blessing is sharing this life with my honey that I got together with 52 years ago come January. Wish that was true for all of you. Sadly that is not the case for some.

Almost everyone experiences what I refer to as BLACK HOLES in their lives. Usually they're related to relationships and health of self, significant others, children and close friends. But if you are reading this you are blessed to be a survivor, and were able to move ahead with your life. WISHING YOU ALL WELL !!!!!

10/07/18 11:38 AM #1541    

Carol Kutner (Winig)


George what a pleasant message. In todays world with all about ME and Anger and disrespect. it is nice to hear someone speak about what life is all about.

Ups, downs and inbetweens, but I always say. take a minute to enjoy as there is always someone who has it worse.

Yes your pain is your pain and when it is happening to you it is real, but try to deal with as best you can, reaching out for help, looking at the other side of the issue and remember to take one day at a time.


10/07/18 01:35 PM #1542    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

Hi George and Carol K,

I believe both of you stated your sentiments perfectly. 

As we go through this life, we find ourselves at this time, although I don't like thinking about it, on the other side. Closer to the universe. I think if we can keep our health in check, as best we can, the rest hopefully falls into place.

George, I like that you are playing tennis as often as you do. My husband John  and I play alot as well. During the summer it was 5x's a week. It sure felt good to be able to play competively, win or lose, even though summer is just fun tennis.  I am just really grateful I am able to do this. My husband is as well. He's had 2 hip replacements and plays just as well as ever before.

I am grateful to God for granting me this life and so thankful for each day. I have friends who have lost their spouses or attending to them in their illnesses. We don't know what each day brings. We get up, see the sun and are ready to give it our all.

I hope all of you from the class of 63 will continue with your posts. It keeps us almost back to to HS. Eyes up and forward though.

Stay well.

Sunny Ingber Drohan

10/08/18 08:11 AM #1543    


Janet Hoffman

Forgive me but I have to laugh at all this, not because I am making fun of it but because it sounds so familiar!   As I think back on my junior high school days, I bow down to the altar of  Miss Brogden,  who I feel is responsible for my ability to get through this period in my life reasonably OK.   The women out there who went to Elkins Park junior high school may remember her as the drill sergeant of gym.   We ran, did calisthenics,  climbed ropes, jumped over horses and  swung on rings.   I doubt they do any of that anymore in schools which is kind of a shame.   In any event I consider her responsible for my being able to do my daily (albeit measly) 20 minutes on an exercise bike plus some floor exercises which are mainly for strengthening and  stretching my aging bones and muscles.   So far I have managed to avoid the knife,  but I now have a hip joint surgeon and a shoulder joint surgeon poised to make me bionic in the foreseeable future ...  to say nothing of my back !   In any event it sounds as if we are all holding it together somehow and sharing all this helps!   I don’t know about any of you but having a dog helps me a lot as well because it forces me to get out and walk early in the morning and after dinner.   And he’s a fun cute little guy so I am glad I adopted him some seven years ago.   I recently had lunch in Philadelphia with a small group of women from our class.   Makes me wonder whether I should move back to Philly .....   you never know!   For now I am enjoying my reduced work schedule as well as the opportunity to make some progress in the art world with my late husband‘s estate.   Great hearing about all of you.  Keep the faith,  no matter what that might be.  J  PS  my website photo is about  five years old and I will try to figure out how to change it ....




10/09/18 12:04 AM #1544    

George Trapp



It's great hearing from you three and there is so much truth in your thoughts which I recognize from experience. It is also now so easy to talk with you (via this site ) whereas in HS I was so painfully shy when it came to talking to girls if it did not directly relate to schoolwork. So I didn't talk too much because I was not much into the books until I got to college. The shyness didn't preclude having a couple of girlfriends during HS and it certainly didn't preclude studying a whole bunch of  the great looking young women who were at CHS from afar.       This shyness carried over into college. It makes Jan , my wife, and I laugh to recall that for 3 1/2 years the most I ever mumbled to her was hi when I walked past her, eyes on my shoes.        I always credit the Lord first for the medical miracles of the past 20 years which have enabled me to continue to actively enjoy the things I had grown to love doing. At the same time I 

thank HIM for having the absolutely right medical personnel available to me when the needs arose. That has continued thru the present time for which I am very thankful.   For 20 years , since a severely broken and dislocated neck, every day has been  a "bonus" day.    I have learned to try to treat every person  as a  valuable individual. Doesn't matter if it's cashier at the grocery, the mechanic servicing my truck or someone I meet playing tennis,etc. Whenever possible I find out and use their name, try to find out a little about them and what's going on in their life. So for 20 years every day has been a gift and I try to share that gift with those whose pathway intersects my own. Regrettably , I sometimes fail for any number of reasons.              Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me in response to my own and I certainly hope that the AWESOME GOD has many great days ahead for each of you !!!


10/09/18 09:16 PM #1545    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Hello Class,

It is always so good to read about so many of you and how you are doing. It is clear that many of you are making the effort to stay healthy

and exercise. Living in Texas we have good weather 9 months a year.

My Y has an outdoor pool and I for one take water aerobics  2-3

times a week and love it. I am blessed to have good geans, have always taken  that extra step to stay healthy. Adopting my daughter at age 50

definitely kept me moving. It is not what we do it is that we are doing. So whatever all of you are doing keep up the good work and have as many of your friend as possible to join you. Spread the word as you show  them what it has done for you.

Hope To See  All Of You At The Next Reunion



10/10/18 04:57 PM #1546    

Deborah Merrick (Wilson)


I THINK about exerciing 2-3 times a week.  You put many of us to shame and it shows.  Your daughter is beautiful!  Definite model material.  As a first time grandmother at 70 I can attest to the fact that an adoption at 50 makes you one of our bravest classmates.  Best regards

10/11/18 11:58 AM #1547    


Amy Shelanski

Hi to all. Sounds like many of us are bionic these days. Tennis was my game, but a 95 lb dog lunging after squirrels has done in a shoulder. It's been repaired and could swing a racquet, but now I need a new kneecap (not whole knee). I keep going with strength training twice a week. It's an awesome routine and I recommend it highly. The 95 lb dog is now 11 and has slowed down a lot, but I have to be on my guard because the squirrels are still very tempting. Glad people are well and active.

10/11/18 05:13 PM #1548    

Susan Fishman (Orlins)

I enjoy everyone's comments and as is common at our age, conversation turns to health. Some months ago I mentioned that I was spending a year of exercise and dietary calcium along with some supplements in the hope of reversing--or halting--the progression of osteoporosis. I want to avoid taking medication.

My bone scan showed that the year paid off in that the osteoporosis did not get worse. But it didn't get better either. So I'm continuing this way, which includes Tai Chi to improve balance and thus make falls less likely.

I wish all of you good health and fulfillment and again, I enjoy learning what others are doing to that end!

10/12/18 07:21 AM #1549    

Susan Pomerantz

Moby (85 lbs) is still trying to take charge of things, At 8 I keep hoping he will slow down so my back can recover.

10/12/18 04:31 PM #1550    

Harriet (Nikki) Lang

Hey Susan (Orlins) just read about a calcium supplement called AlgaCal recommended to be taken with Strontium boost. Reviews seem pretty impressive. Check it out....Good news on your bone scan, but I think you can do better...still highly recommending Pilates also good for balance issues.

10/12/18 07:08 PM #1551    

George Trapp

Interesting how active so many have stayed. Am reminded of the famous Satchel Paige quote " Don't look back, something might be gaining on you."   Hope you all look forward to each new day as I normally do. Remembering is good but creating new memories is even better.      To Amy ... My shoulder orthopedist said he could put in a new one but that it could never be as good as the one God gave me, and that I'd tear it apart given my activity level. Instead he approved a pain management regimen that involves targeted injections every 3 months, otc pain meds and something stronger preceding tennis. This keeps the pain manageable on court and I NEVER use the stronger med except before tennis.         Isn't it interesting how little thought we all gave to health 55 years ago . There was an occasional glitch like the deaths of Karl Hasselbacher in elementary school and Ray Salem in jhs, but in the main we thought of ourselves as indestructible and gave virtually no thought to our mortality. Now it has become clear that every day is a gift, a treasure !

10/13/18 07:08 AM #1552    

Susan Pomerantz

George....the Satchel quote is my favorite

10/13/18 12:21 PM #1553    

Sunny Ingber (Drohan)

NIKKI, I thought I had posted that AlgaeCal too. Guess I didn't. But it is very expensive. I could use it myself as I don't want to take calcium pills. Did you as well see it on FB?

11/13/18 01:53 PM #1554    


Amy Shelanski

Hi Everyone,

Here I am still living in Philadelphia and working in real estate. If any of you are thinking of moving back, downsizing, moving into the city from the 'burbs I'd love to help you. I've been in the center city area for over 40 years and know pretty much everything there is to know. Would love to hear from you! ---Amy

11/14/18 12:13 PM #1555    


Daniel Bronson

As we approach both the holiday season and five years since our last reunion, it seems like a good time to stir the pot a bit. What I’d be curious to hear from others is what major change has happened to you in the last five years. I’m guessing a number of us have retired and/or moved, and a few of us may have embarked on new careers or interests.  I can say that one of my simple pleasures on a nice day is to take a subway to some neighborhood in New York and just walk for an hour or so, checking things out.

11/14/18 02:20 PM #1556    

Harriet Frankel (Withstandley)

Hi Classmates-  I retired last year, after 20+ years of employment by the (PA) Governor's Office of General Counsel.  After almost 15 years of commuting to Harrisburg, I am enjoying an  unstructured schedule, the ability to stay up past 9 p.m., although I still find myself waking at 5:30, and joining a gym.  I keep planning to clear out the detritus of  38 years in the same house, so we can downsize if we so choose, but I have made little progress. I have audited a few (free) French classes at Villanova, and I'm delighted to remember more than I expected.  We went on a wonderful trip to Paris and Normandy, including guided visits to the D-Day beaches, and a marvelous day at Roland Garros, and my French was very useful.  Everyone--stay in touch.       







































11/15/18 10:58 AM #1557    

George Trapp


Every day on the top side of the grass is a great day of blessing from the Lord.   Moving back into a city would never be me. Once I discovered the then open spaces around Harrisburg and hunting I knew I was never meant to be a city boy.  My lovely wife who was raised in Alexandria, VA felt likewise , so here we are still in the only home we've ever owned nearly 48 years later. Also surrounded by all our stuff or "shit" depending on whose viewpoint is in vogue. I have no intention of downsizing or cleaning out. We did it for all our relatives and we fully intend to pass this " pleasure " along to our children as a condition of their inheritance. The wide open spaces no longer exist N,E,orW. South is still a bit more open. 

These past 5 years are mostly same old same old. The exceptions are health related for both of us. Knees and shoulder for me, eyes and now knees for Jan. But that's really old news that I covered in the past. Our baby, 39 year old Brad got married last year, the only real change in our close family.

Jan likes to be away but I'm a home body. Our lifestyle with animals, heating with wood in the main, being in multiple tennis contracts, etc makes travel a big hassel for me in particular. We did go to Hawaii for our 40th. 11 yrs ago. That was on my bucket list. Virtually all our male teachers and professors back in the day were WWll and or Korea vets. Pearl Harbor was an event that changed their lives, the planet, and impacted us all with the ripples of the tens of millions who were killed fighting , in collateral damage, and in genocides. I had been in Europe and Scandanavia for about two months in the mid 60's. Normandy is a place I would go again. The late Ed  Balchunas , "Mr Bal" , of JBT at EPJH was a Normandy survivor vet. If we go away more than a day or two, it's in the summer and usually Hilton Head with another couple that enjoys tennis.               

Unfortunately too many funerals. My long time tennis and hunting buddy from years past is recently gone , a victim of Alzheimer's . Two days later a former pastor, two weeks earlier Jan's aunt. A fact of life with no escape.

12/18/18 09:01 PM #1558    

George Trapp

Classmates ....... Am wishing you God's richest blessings in this Holyday season. ....... George T

12/19/18 08:19 PM #1559    


Marilyn Ford (Evans)

Hi to all Classmates

Since the last reunion there has not been much change in my life.

I too  have knee problems but I think with age this is something we will go through

for they have done their job to keep us upright in a comfortable way for years. With

modern medicine I will have my surgery next year and afterwords will keep on keeping on.

I Do Hope Tommy Is Working On Our Next Reunion.


Talk  To All In 2019


12/20/18 03:23 PM #1560    

Harriet (Nikki) Lang

In response to Dan's question regarding recent changes in our lives, I guess for us the most influential change is having two grandchildren living in Italy prompting more frequent visits there and prompting me to learn Italian since the in-laws don't speak English. Learning a new language at this age I must admit is a real challange, but what makes it fun in this techologic age is a charming, young and vivacious Italian who teaches me two hours a week over Skype from Spain. Wow....amazing the world we live in!

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